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How Do Headshots Differ From Portraits?

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While portrait and headshot photography may seem similar, they hold distinct differences. Both types of photography involve capturing a person's image, serve different purposes, and require unique techniques.

What is headshot photography?

Headshot photography focuses on capturing an individual's head and shoulders in a way that highlights their facial features. These photos, such as actors or corporate headshots, are commonly used for professional purposes and are meant to portray a person's personality and character.


What is portrait photography?

Portrait photography aims to capture a person, including their body and surroundings. It can also be used for professional purposes, but the focus is on showcasing the subject's overall appearance and style rather than just their face.

Techniques used in headshot photography

Headshot photography requires a different approach than portrait photography. The photographer must use specific techniques to bring out the subject's unique features and character while maintaining a professional look.

Some of these techniques include:

  • Use of simple backgrounds to avoid distractions from the subject's face
  • Adjusting lighting to highlight the subject's best features
  • Guiding the subject on posing and expressions to capture their personality effectively

Techniques used in portrait photography

Portrait photography involves more flexibility in terms of techniques. The photographer can use a variety of backgrounds, lighting, and poses to create a unique and visually appealing image.

Some common techniques used in portrait photography are:

  • Use of different locations, such as outdoor settings or studios, to add variety and depth to the photo
  • Experimenting with different lighting techniques to create different moods and effects
  • Encouraging the subject to interact with their surroundings and capture candid moments

The purpose of headshot photography vs. portrait photography

The main difference between headshot photography and portrait photography lies in their purpose. Headshots, such as resumes, business profiles, or acting portfolios, are typically used for professional purposes. They aim to portray a person's character and personality visually appealingly.

On the other hand, portrait photography serves a broader purpose. It can be used for personal reasons, such as family portraits or professional purposes, like magazine covers. The focus is on capturing the subject's overall appearance and style rather than just their facial features.

Key Differences Between Headshots and Portraits

1) Composition and framing

Headshots and portraits differ in terms of composition and framing. Headshots are typically close-up shots that focus primarily on the subject's face, while portraits include more of the subject's body and surroundings.

2) Intent

The purpose and intent behind headshot photography and portrait photography also vary. Headshots are mainly used for professional profiles, marketing materials, and personal branding, while portraits serve various purposes, including storytelling, artistic expression, and capturing memories.

3) Style and aesthetics

The style and aesthetics of headshots and portraits also differ. Headshots often have a clean and minimalist aesthetic, focusing on the subject's expression. On the other hand, portraits can vary widely in style, from traditional to avant-garde, and may incorporate elaborate settings or props.

4) Techniques and approach

The techniques and approaches used in headshot photography differ from those used in portrait photography. As mentioned earlier, headshots require specific techniques to highlight the subject's facial features, while portraits offer more flexibility for creativity.

When to Use Each - Headshots & Portraits?

 Knowing when to use headshots and portraits is crucial for achieving the desired result. Here are some examples of situations where each type of photography would be appropriate:

Headshot photography:

  • Professional profiles, such as LinkedIn or corporate websites
    • Acting portfolios or modelling headshots
    • Business marketing materials, such as brochures or business cards

Portrait photography:

  • Family portraits
    • Magazine covers, or editorial spreads
    • Personal branding for entrepreneurs or influencers

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